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Travelling with an infant

Impress yourself

Bluffer's Guide to Travelling with an Infant

Summer is fast approaching. Okay, it’s approaching quite slowly. But when you’re planning on travelling with an infant you need to think ahead. Trust us.


Impress a traveller

Bluffer's Guide to Lisbon

Lisbon: home to this year's UEFA Champions League Final and... if you can't quite finish that sentence then you'd better read our primer to Portugal's capital.

G Spot

Impress your lover

The Bluffer's Guide to the G-spot

The existence of the G-spot is one of those subjects which has provoked rather more debate than seems strictly necessary. Here's everything you need to know.

The Cloud

Impress your in-laws

Bluffer's Guide to the Cloud

In recent years, computer types - who are always on the lookout for digital deities - have found a new idol to worship. It's called 'the cloud'. Heard of it?

Daily Mail Online

Impress a gossip

Bluffer's Guide to the Mail Online

The Mail Online is a monster. A swivel-eyed, bile-spitting, celebrity-obsessed, visitor-gobbling monster which has taken over the internet. But how?


Impress a Coen brother

Bluffer's Guide to Fargo

Remember Fargo? Not like this you don't. There's a new Fargo TV series in town and it’s telling a whole new story and has a whole new cast (woodchipper optional).


Impress a web editor

Bluffer's Guide to The Week on Twitter

Twitter is a fast-moving beast of a social media site and it's easy to miss the gems in amongst the tweets about One Direction and Justin Bieber. We can help.

The Masters 2014 KEYWORD

Impress Tiger Woods

Bluffer's Guide to the Masters 2014

The Masters 2014 is the most prestigious golf tournament of the year. If you've just discovered that the Masters is a golfing tournament read on.



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The Noise Next Door


Bluffer's Guide to The Noise Next Door

At some point, everyone needs to bluff it to make it. To prove our point, we ask celebrities about their biggest bluffs. Approach the bench…The Noise Next Door.


Impress your parents

Bluffer's Guide to UCAS

UCAS – the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service – is the best way to enter higher education. But only because it’s the only way you can do so in the UK.

William Shakespeare Plays

Impress the RSC

Bluffer's Guide to William Shakespeare Plays

Known across the world as Will, Bill, The Bard, or possibly (but not probably) Christopher Marlow. But do you know all that much about William Shakespeare plays?

Marathon KEYWORD

Impress yourself

Bluffer's Guide to Your First Marathon

This gruelling, somewhat masochistic endurance sport is quite popular. Our primer has everything you need to know to make it through your first marathon.

Famous Seducers KEYWORD

Impress a lover

Bluffer's Guide to History's 7 Most Famous Seducers

The accolade of ‘great lover’ is attributed to very few. Here are the seven of history's most famous seducers you should definitely know about.

Breaking Bad KEYWORD 2

Impress a TV nut

Breaking Bad v. The Wire

Breaking Bad v. The Wire - with their critically acclaimed scripts and pitch perfect performances, these two shows are both TV legends. But which one is the best?


Impress an art collector

Bluffer's Guide to Matisse

With a new Henri Matisse exhibition at the Tate Modern, there’s a few things you should know about this 'famous-but-not-as-famous-as-Picasso' artist.

How to Pass Your Driving Test KEYWORD

Impress your instructor

Bluffer's Guide to Passing Your Driving Test

Learning to drive (and how to pass your driving test) is a complicated and expensive business. Here's what you need to know to improve your chances of passing.

Twitter Trends

Impress your friends

Bluffer's Guide to Twitter Trends

US TV show Midnight has an incredible ability to influence the ebb and flow of Twitter trends, #buttflix? Really? Here's the best of Twitter this week.

Treasure hunting KEYWORD

Impress a pirate

Bluffer's Guide to Treasure Hunting

Treasure hunting's not all diving down to sunken galleons in crystal clear Caribbean seas or lifting Indiana Jones-style golden skulls from booby-trapped plinths.

Easter Gifts

Impress the Easter Bunny

Bluffer's Guide to Easter Gifts

Easter gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Here are our top picks for Easter gifts for 2014...


Impress the Easter bunny

Bluffer's Guide to Easter

Most truly devout Christians see Easter as the religious high point of the year. Christmas is more for the kids. But what actually is Easter? And why all the eggs?

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