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Neil Davey

Neil Davey is a freelance writer and blogger with a serious chocolate habit. He specialises in things which involve chocolate, such as eating it. He writes (or has written) for The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Square Mile, Square Meal, delicious, Sainsbury’s Magazine, Saga Magazine, MSN, Yahoo and Hello.

He is also the author of food blogspot ‘The Lambshank Redemption’ and can be found tweeting at @DineHard. A former showbiz gossip gig means he still knows more about Britney Spears than a 47-year old heterosexual man should and he has a very good story about Kelly Brook which he’d be delighted to tell you over a pint.

"Fluent in coffee and articulate on wine, but don’t know your Ghanaian from Grenadian? Help is at hand. Soon you’ll be saying, “Ah, the unmistakeable, cold-worked granularity of the finest Modican” with the best of ’em."


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Trace the long journey chocolate has made from the Mayan god Quetzalcoatl to the British Quaker families of Cadbury, Rowntree and Fry. Never again confuse the Olmecs with the Aztecs, xocoatl with cacao, or Montezuma with the Milk Tray Man.

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