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Do you know which pieces of cutlery to use to tackle the fish course? Or how to introduce yourself in polite society? Well, fear no more: our pocket-sized etiquette guide is crammed full of all such information — and, yet, still small enough to fit neatly inside your morning dress so you can devour it on the train on your way to Ascot.


William Hanson

William Hanson is one of the UK’s leading etiquette consultants and society commentators. His life’s work has necessitated giving lessons all over the world in How To Be Nice and What Not To Do at every conceivable occasion. He has trained everyone from royalty, government officials, diplomats and VIPs who wish to integrate with British society to pupils at top public schools, ironing out any creases that the boys and girls may have allowed to interrupt their smooth transition to becoming fully-rounded members of the establishment.

He regularly graces uncomfortable television sofas to talk about good behaviour, correcting the hosts when they call them ‘couches’. It was a tragic accident of birth that he was born without a title, but he has since gone on to defy the odds and become a member of the Royal Enclosure at Ascot

"The perfect gift for those interested in polishing their manners and learning to behave properly."


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To the manners born: let us guide you through what can be a bit of a minefield.

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