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GPS navigation devices are all very well, but they do nothing to help us find our way around the human anatomy – especially when it comes to the G-spot. In order to pass yourself off as any kind of sexual expert, an understanding of what connects to what is a prerequisite. Here, in true helpful fashion, Bluffer’s helps you to find your way in the elements of life that matter the most.


Somewhere up there with the order of the chicken and the egg, the existence of the G-spot is one of those subjects which has provoked rather more debate than seems strictly necessary. For some time scientists attempted to locate it in human cadavers, an utterly thankless task given how few men can find it with the help of its living owner.

During the last decade there was a worrying fashion for G-shots, in which collagen was injected into the G-spot. In its early days, claims were made that it multiplied pleasure, and eager fans – or at any rate eager journalists – called it the catchy ‘party in a needle’. The risk of permanently numbing all sensation means that the only G-shot you are likely to encounter today involves gin.


1. The G-spot was named after German gynaecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, who during research in the 1940s, found that an area the size of a 50p coin on the top wall of the vagina swells during arousal.

2. If pressed with the correct tempo, the G-spot can reduce many women to crying, delirious, ecstatic frenzies (a similar effect to shopping at a Bond Street jeweller, but which can be done day, after day, after day, with no lasting damage to a bank account).

3. The G-spot can be summoned to life with a beckoning motion of the finger(s).



Another term for a woman’s urethra, or specifically the sensitive area surrounding the urethra mouth. That would be, er, where the wee comes out.


Term coined to describe the area of the female body which includes the G-spot and the surrounding Skene’s glands, which, when stimulated with appropriate pressure, can lead to female ejaculation. (Male bluffers please take note).


This has been used to refer to a sensitive zone in the female genitalia located between the cervix and the G-spot. Given a suitably receptive audience you might describe it as ‘between the Z-spot and the B-spot’. This calls for bluffing skills of the highest order, bearing in mind that neither Z- or B-spots have yet entered the sexological lexicon.


No, not the dot sometimes put in urinals to encourage better aim. In fact, this is the male sensory hotspot better known as the prostate. Happily, merely knowing the name of the P-spot is likely to be sufficient.

If however you wish to amaze people with the extent of your knowledge – as you should – you could add such details as: it is somewhere ‘up there’ or otherwise ‘down there’ (referring to the back passage) and that tickling it with a fingertip can exponentially increase the intensity of male orgasm (unless it is approached by anyone in need of manicure, which is likely to have a rather less enjoyable effect).

Happy bluffing!







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