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John Winterson Richards

John Winterson Richards has degrees in both law (which he has ignored ever since) and business administration (which taught him one valuable lesson: the only people who make money through MBAs are University Business Schools). He is not, of course, a manager himself -– no definitely not – but an established and successful leader of international commerce. If you have never heard of him it is because, like all truly powerful men, he likes to work behind the scenes.

Thomas Drewry

Thomas Drewry graduated with a first class degree in Economics and Finance from a distinguished French university before working for the corporate finance departments of two distinguished investment banks, one British, one Dutch, both defunct. He soon realised that banking involved working very long hours and a great deal of numbers he did not always understand the meaning of, so set his sights on entrepreneurship instead, having heard that it was the new rock ‘n’ roll. He is still waiting for hordes of uninhibited groupies to mob him. In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that he is currently Chief Bluffing Officer at Bluffer’s.



"A witty dissection of the follies of entrepreneurship. It will surely bring a smile to the lips of anyone who has ever started their own company."


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Here at last is an activity where the art of bluffing is not merely a useful optional extra, but a decisive factor that determines success or failure.

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