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Rob Ainsley

Rob Ainsley grew up in Hull, which Philip Larkin described as ‘nice and flat for cycling – that’s about the best I can say’. He studied maths at Oxford, which might explain why he calls himself an A-to-B cyclist. Taking Norman Tebbit’s advice of the time, he got on his bike and looked for work, but found that he liked cycling more than work.

He has cycled all over the UK and more that 30 other countries, and can shout at taxi drivers in four languages. He is a regular contributor to Cycle (CTC magazine) and Cycle Plus, wrote the guidebook 50 Quirky Bikes Rides (Eye Books) and is a cycling blogger and Twitterer (@realcycling).

Rob lives in ‘cycling city’ York, whose facilities clearly delight his Dutch friends. They can’t stop laughing at them.

"Funnier than anything Lance Armstrong ever wrote. And certainly much truer."


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