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Adam Ruck

Many years ago, Adam Ruck took up golf at an advanced age, got his handicap down in no time, and now spends his time trying to get it up. His great grandfather is often credited with bringing golf to Wales, and Adam has inherited his enthusiasm. Talent took a different route down the generations.

Shaky though many aspects of his game are, he chooses his opponents carefully, holes the occasional putt, wins the occasional match, and would prefer not to be known as a loser or a duffer or a snatcher of defeat from the jaws of victory, though he has been called all of these things. He has teenage children, and takes golf holidays on the pretext of writing for The Daily Telegraph.

"If I’d read the Bluffer’s Guide before my Ryder Cup match against Tiger Woods, I might have won before the 16th."


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Learn about the game’s origins in Scotland, and decide for yourself if either of the following acronyms created the word GOLF: 'Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden'; or, 'Game Of Limitless Frustration'.

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