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John Courtis

After three years as accountant officer of an RAF Fighter Command unit, John Courtis joined the finance staff of Ford of Britain where the foundations of his management skills were laid – mostly by observing others’ mistakes. Since then he has accepted directorships in management selection, manufacturing and headhunting, the common factor being that at the time he joined each board he knew virtually nothing about its business.

Elizabeth B. Ratcliffe

Elizabeth B. Ratcliffe qualified with a doctorate in hydrochemistry in 1997 but, while collecting rainfall samples in a hurricane, decided to switch to a career with a better survival rate. Her time in management has covered a wide variety of roles and her mission is to hold every possible management title (to prove that bluffing applies effectively to all).

"Learn to be a better manager while laughing at the folly of it all. Very entertaining and well-written."


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The perfect manager seeks to rise above the herd while, at the same time, appearing to desire nothing more than to remain part of it.

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