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Jack Klaff

Jack Klaff is a writer, performer and occasional academic. His first film was Star Wars. His first TV show featured Morecambe and Wise. His London stage debut, involving wild sex scenes, led to a season with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has won awards for his work in all media; now that’s bluffing on an astronomical scale.

He has held four visiting professorships at Princeton University and was for three years Professor of the Public Understanding of Science at Starlab in Brussels. That’s bluffing on an unfathomable scale. Jack has worked closely with Intelligence Squared, for whom he has interviewed a number of scientists, including aged Nobel-winning physicists, all of whom – unbidden – do brilliant, incomprehensible impressions of Niels Bohr.

Among Jack’s unusual performing gigs have been a talk at the European Parliament and his theatrical trilogy about male/female relationships – performed in Saudi Arabia.

His next book, Does Science Have all the Answers? could be even shorter than this one, containing just the word ‘No’.

"A lively and delightful romp through one of mankind’s greatest intellectual achievement."


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Whenever the conversation turns to the size of the universe, certain questions will always be hovering around the edges – if there are any edges. And that’s one of the questions. The answer is…

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