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What should you avoid wearing at all costs at a rock festival?


Any sort of official T-shirt sold ‘on site’. In fact never buy anything at a festival, not even a hot dog, and especially anything promoted as “good shit, man”.


Eamonn Forde

Born into bucolic silence outside of Ballymena (Northern Ireland) Dr. Eamonn Forde was an enormously unmusical person, but being tone deaf and having no sense of rhythm didn’t stop him obsessing over music – almost as if it would give him musical greatness by proxy.

His parents had no music in the house so he has spent his life from the age of 10 trying to rectify that by buying as much music as he possibly can.

In the 1990s he embarked on an academic career of sorts teaching media studies and music sociology. This allowed him to do a PhD on the music press (yes, really) in London, during which time he lucked into his first ‘music biz’ job stuffing envelopes at the Association of Independent Music.

From there he started writing about the music business and has since contributed to a variety of publications including The Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, Music Week, The Word and Q.

He lives in London and is having to get more shelves fitted to hold the CDs he can’t stop himself from buying on weekly pilgrimages to Fopp.


"Rammed with key facts and ephemera from seven decades of music, Eamonn Forde’s daft, sharp and absurdly funny book will pole-vault you into even the loftiest rock circles."


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Rock, if you didn’t already know, is a mongrel genre with multiple assorted musical styles in its DNA. This chapter takes you through them all and argues that two men named Robert laid the building blocks of the music.

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